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Find Your Dream Home With Us

Find Your Dream Home With Us

Building a custom home is a statement. A declaration that underscores one's determination to go beyond the ordinary. The Ravines makes such a statement with each home built. A proclamation that the extraordinary is the only acceptable outcome. We specialize in assisting the client and believe you are the most important person in this endeavor. From site selection and financing to personally overseeing every project every day. This commitment results in each client benefiting from a professional, quality product at a fair cost.

Advantages To Building A Home

Is a newly built home right for you? Do you want a home that you've helped design from the ground up and that offers the latest in energy efficiency and design? The primary advantage of building a new home is that it can be built to individual specifications. These houses, known as custom homes, can be made in the specific vision of the buyer and changed as the building process progresses. Unlike an existing home that has seen years of wear and tear, a newly built home has all the warranties still in place without any of the maintenance issues found in older homes. New homes are built with the latest standards which brings a sense of security of owning a well-built home. With builder warranties and incentives, you have peace of mind knowing that your home will remain trouble free for years to come.